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Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks

Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks


This lesson evaluates and explores how the Shulman, Danielson and Marzano frameworks relate to the TPACK framework.

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Source: Globe, Clker, http://bit.ly/1CVSonk; Stick Figure, Pixxabay, http://bit.ly/1H6Ssyu; Charlotte Danielson, http://bit.ly/1Rd5D9o; Lee Shulman, http://stanford.io/1MYcYUQ; Robert Marzano, http://bit.ly/1KgVRkA; TPACK Diagram, http://bit.ly/1TlwQ8S

Notes on "Connecting Key 21st Century Frameworks"

(00:00-00:16) Intro

(00:17-01:20) Reviewing Frameworks

(01:21-02:33) Closer Look at Frameworks

(02:34-03:09) Similarities

(03:10-04:02) Differences

(04:03-05:58) TPACK

(05:59-06:32) Summary/Food For Thought