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Connecting PBL to Personalized Learning

Connecting PBL to Personalized Learning

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will connect the components of PBL relates to the five design principles of personalized learning.

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Notes on “Connecting PBL to Personalized Learning”


(00:00-00:10) Introduction

(00:11-00:47) Personalized Learning

(00:48-02:07) The Five Essential Elements

(02:08-03:31) Why use Personalized Learning ?  

(03:32-04:09) Personalized Learning vs. Differentiation

(04:10-05:13) PBL and Personalized Learning

(05:14-05:33) Reflection

(05:34-06:00) Conclusion

Additional Resources

What does personalized learning really look like? 

This article provides a high level overview of personalized learning and offers some examples to illustrate personalization in action. There are three useful links within the article that you may want to explore: student learning paths, the evolving role of the teacher, and concepts behind personalized learning.

Mean What You Say: Defining and Integrating Personalized, Blended and Competency Education

This is a comprehensive overview of personalized learning, blended learning, and competency based education. This report breaks down personalized learning into three categories and explains how to accomplish each in your setting: personalized learning, personalized learning in the blended learning environment, and personalization support by competencies. In addition, there is a helpful section called "How Standards Fit into Personalized, Blended
and Competency Education."

Next Generation Learning Challenges: Summit Public Schools

Next Generation Learning Challenges is a grant funded by the Gates Foundation to incorporate problem based and project based learning into personalized learning; Summit Denali is one of the schools that received the grant. The Summit Denali school day is designed around the four elements of college and career readiness. The Summit student experience includes: Personalized Learning Time, Project Time, Mentor Time, Summit Reads, and Community Time. The structures of Summit can be studied by educators in order to implement personalized learning within their organization using some or all of the strategies used by Summit.