Connotation and Denotation

Connotation and Denotation

Author: Jane Gonzalez

1.3A Analyze the effects of diction in reading/comprehension of Literary Text/Poetry.

Students will analyze the connotative meanng of words used in a poem and comment on its effect on meaning and understand of the text.

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Connotative meanings of poem "My Name" by Sandra Cisneros

Introduction to connotation of words in poetry. Student closely reads text of poem interacting with the connotative meanings of words, phrases and devices.

Source: parkrose.orvsd.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=11368‎

My Name by Sandra Cisneros

Text of "My Name" by Sandra Cisneros.

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Source: parkrose.orvsd.org/mod/resource/view.php?id=11368‎