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Constellations and Myths

Constellations and Myths

Author: Debbra Smith

At the end of each month, students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the location of a specific constellation in the sky, identify the names, distance from earth, and types of stars found in the constellation, and determine what time of year the constellation is visible in the Western United States, as well as summarize the myth that goes along with that specific constellation.

Lesson Overview

Students are required to learn about a new constellation and the corresponding myth each month.  Some months they will be given a category of constellations to choose from such as the Constellation attached to their Astrological sign, constellations based on Roman myths, etc. while other months they will be free to choose any constellation (other than Big Dipper and Small Dipper, because these constellations will be used as example constellations. This lesson covers Grade 6 UT Science Core Standard 4; UT Reading: Literature Standard 1; UT Reading: Informational Text Standard 1; UT Writing Standards 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10; UT Language Standards 3, 4, 5, 6; and depending on the choice of assessment: UT Speaking & Listening Standards 1, 2, 5; UT Language Standards 1, 2

Activities Summary

1. Students will watch a short teacher produced video on where to find the needed information to fulfill the Learning Objective of the assignment. Students are required to complete "Notes" form, (based on Cornell Notes)

2.  Students will have access to leveled books on constellations & myths and will be grouped together to read and write a summary about constellations.

3.  Students will watch a short movie on constellations and will participate in an online chat, discussing what they learned in the movie.  Each student will be required to offer at least 3 comments during chat time.

4. Students will have access to where they can download monthly star maps for Utah and the surrounding area.

5.  Monthly, Students will be given the option of creating their own video, writing a short report & summary on the constellation & myth that includes self-drawn illustrations, including it on their website, or creating a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation.  All presentations will be posted on Google + for peer review

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Constellation/Myth Assignment Video

Constellation/Myth Assignment Video - this video will explain to students what is required for this monthly assignment. The video also includes a brief example of the required elements for the project.

Source: Created by Debbra Smith using Camtasia for Mac


Template based on Cornell Notes to be used while watching video


Source: Created by Deb Smith, based on Cornell Notes