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Constructing Learning Objectives

Constructing Learning Objectives

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will learn about different types of learning objectives, the components of them, and how to construct each type.

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Notes on “Constructing Learning Objectives”


(00:00-00:20) Introduction

(00:21-02:17) Types of Learning Objectives

(02:18-02:49) The ABCDs of Objective Writing

(02:50-03:41) Constructing Cognitive Objectives

(03:42-04:20) Constructing Affective Objectives

(04:21-04:57) Constructing Psychomotor Objectives

(04:58-05:07) Reflection

(05:08-05:36) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Writing Learning Objectives: Beginning With The End In Mind

This presentation from Heritage College provides a thorough overview on setting learning objectives connected to backwards design and Bloom's Taxonomy. In addition, this presentation clarifies the difference between a learning goal and a learning objective.

Student Learning S.M.A.R.T Goals & Objectives

This presentation from the Eugene School District in Oregon provides a step by step how-to on developing SMART goals connected to learning targets and objectives. The presentation also includes example templates that have been completed as models.