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Consumer Behavior: How People Make Buying Decisions “Apple Watch”Learning OutcomesModel of Consumer Behavior: Environmental factors. Student can use the model of consumerbehavior to identify those environmental factors most likely to affect the consumer decision making for aspecific product or service.Model of Consumer Behavior: Consumer factors. Student can reference the model of consumerbehavior to identify the consumer factors most likely to affect the decision making for a specific productor service.Role of Involvement in purchase decisions. Student can identify the role of consumer involvementapplicable to a specific product “Apple Watch” or service offering and how that level of involvementaffects the type of decision making.Consumer decision-making process. Student can identify how marketing strategy can influence each ofthe eight steps in the consumer decision-making process.DirectionsRefer to the product or service “Apple Watch” you selected at the beginning of the semester.This week you want to take a closer look at what consumer factors may be relevant forcustomers considering buying your product or service offering. This will require some criticalthinking on your part based on your own behavior if you are a customer yourself, or you maywant to talk to others who have purchased the product. Sometimes you can find clues whenlooking at the product or service’s marketing messages that may be addressing some of thesefactors.You will be relying less on what you read in the literature and more on your critical thinking skillsand your ability to apply the marketing concepts to your product or service. You won't be ableto find 'right' answers to the questions anywhere, so don't waste time looking. You need toreason your responses based on what you now know about your product or service, itscustomers and the marketing concepts discussed in the course to date.Prepare your assignment beginning with a title page with your name and the product “AppleWatch” or service. Then answer the following four questions in order and number the beginningof your response to each question.1. Consumer Behavior Model: Environmental factors. Identify two of the most importantenvironmental factors you think are relevant to the customers of your product or serviceoffering. Explain your choices.2. Consumer Behavior Model: Consumer factors. Identify the three most importantconsumer factors you think are relevant to the customers of your product or serviceoffering. Explain your choices.3. Role of involvement in consumer decision-making. Identify the level of involvement acustomer of your product or service might use to make a purchase/no purchasedecision. Then, discuss which type of buying behavior is most consistent with that levelof involvement.4. Consumer decision-making process. Go through the six steps of the purchase processoutlined in the readings and identify where marketing can influence each of the sixsteps. For example, if a consumer just identified a need for your product in step one,then the company can advertise how your product fills that need. Or, if a consumerpurchased your product, the consumer can be called and asked about their satisfactionwith the product and if there is any dissatisfaction steps can be taken to ensure thecustomer satisfaction. Be sure to be more specific with respect to your product or servicethan this example. (STAGES ARE BELOW FOR REFERENCE).Stages in the Buying Process Figure 3.2, "Stages in the Consumer's Purchasing Process," outlines thebuying stages consumers go through. At any given time, you're probably in some sort of buying stage.You're thinking about the different types of things you want or need to eventually buy, how you aregoing to find the best ones at the best price, and where and how will you buy them. Meanwhile, thereare other products you have already purchased that you're evaluating. Some might be better thanothers. Will you discard them, and if so, how? Then, what will you buy? Where does that process start?

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