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Continental Drift

Continental Drift

Author: Karisa Mantey

Describe geologic, paleontologic, and paleoclimatalogic evidence that indicates Africa and South America were once part of a single continent.

In this section, you will learn about the theory of continental drift.  Make sure to watch the notes screencast on continental drift before completing any of the activities.

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Continental Drift Notes

Watch this screencast about continental drift. Make sure to take notes while watching. Write down any questions you may have about continental drift on your note sheet.

Continental Drift Notes

Use this note sheet to take notes while watching the continental drift screencast.


Fitting the Continents Together

Read this nonfiction passage to learn more about Alfred Wegener and his theory of Continental Drift. While reading, make sure to use good reading strategies such as monitoring your reading, making connections, visualizing, and asking questions. As you read through the passage, answer the questions. The questions are critical thinking questions so you may not find the answer right in the text. Use your background knowledge and what you read in the passage to help you answer these questions.


Source: Earth Science Daybook

How Old is the Atlantic Ocean

Watch this video to learn how to complete the online investigation called How Old is the Atlantic Ocean.

How Old is the Atlantic Ocean

Constructed Response Questions

Answer the questions about continental drift in your constructed response questions packet.