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Continuous Tenses

Continuous Tenses

Author: Nicola Pearson
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This tense is super easy, but you must ensure that you complete the grammar notes as you are watching the video.

I have also put another video at the bottom of this tutorial. This isn't a tense, so you should complete the new grammar notes to record this fabulous new aspect of grammar!

Really, they're both very straightforward, so after you've done both please revise thoroughly for an in-class test tomorrow.

Source: Created by N. Knott

Present progressive

Source: Retrieved from here: Created by Snr Jordan, reproduced in accordance with CC Licences and with thanks.

Direct Objects

Source: Retrieved from here: Created by Snr Jordan, reproduced with thanks and in accordance with CC Licences.

Grammar Notes

Grammar notes for tenses


Source: Created by N Knott

New grammar notes

Grammar notes for other aspects of grammar. I have started the form for Direct Objects to help you.


Source: Created by N Knott

Google form

This just runs through the second video - direct objects. If any questions trip you up, please refer to your notes or make a note of it and ask me.

Source: Created by N. Knott