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Converting Rational Numbers To Decimals

Converting Rational Numbers To Decimals

Author: Marco Magana

Content Standard: Convert a rational number to a decimal using long division; know that the decimal form of a rational number terminates in 0s or eventually repeats. (7.NS 2d)

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Step 1) Please watch the first Video.

Step 2) Click on the link I provided after the first Video.

Step 3) Watch the last video.

Step 4) Answer the four quiz questions after you have watched the videos and viewed the link.

Step 5) Answer the BIG QUESTION on a separate sheet of paper and bring it to class.

If you need to, watch the videos again.

Changing Fractions To A Decimal

This video shows how to divide fractions and how the resulting decimal number can repeat or end in zero.

Why Is Long Division Is Used For Dividing Fractions?

Click on the link to find out why Long Division works! See if you can see the pattern.


Fractions That Repeat In Decimal Form

This video shows what occurs when a fraction repeats in decimal form during the Long Division process.


What is the most important process of doing Long Division for changing fractions into a decimal? And how do we know when to stop dividing when a decimal repeats using Long Division? (answer in complete sentences)

Note: Answer the above questions on a sheet of paper and bring it to class for tomorrow. I will collect it at the end of class.

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