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Cool, Cool Commas

Cool, Cool Commas

Author: Jill Walter

    Introduce commas, why they are used, and common errors associated with them.


    Explain where to insert commas in coordinating clauses. 


    Explain where to insert commas in lists.


    Explain where to insert commas with introductory phrases or clauses.


    Explain where to insert commas with direct speech.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to use correct punctuation and who is confused about how to use commas. It will explain when to insert commas in a sentence and common errors with commas. 

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How to be COMMA COOL - know the rules!


Let’s discuss what makes commas cool and some the rules that will make your writing even cooler when you use them correctly.
What's the purpose of a comma?  Most simply, a comma is meant to separate things.  These things would be words, phrases, and clauses.  
  1. Commas in a series
  2. Commas in compound sentences (using coordinating conjunctions)
  3. Commas in direct address
  4. Commas in introductory phrases

Writers have a tendency to overuse commas (otherwise known as being comma crazy) or using commas too little (otherwise known as being comma lazy).  Knowing these four rules for commas and practicing them each time you write will allow you to be comma cool - - the goal of every writer!

Source: Jill Walter

Common Comma Errors

Listen to how you can be comma cool.

Source: Jill Walter & English Workshop 2006

Rule - Commas in a Series (or a list)

Learn what it means to use commas in a series (or a list).

Source: Jill Walter

Rule - Commas in a Compound Sentences

Learn what it means to use commas with coordinating conjunctions like but, or, yet, so, for, and, nor...(mnemonic device = BOYSFAN - - for the most commonly used coordinating conjunctions.

Source: Jill Walter

Rule - Commas in Direct Address

Learn how to use commas with direct speech with responding to people and answering questions.

Source: Jill Walter

Rule - Commas with Introductory Phrases

Learn how commas are used with introductory phrases.

Source: Jill Walter

Review of Rules

Review the rules!

Source: Jill Walter