Cooperative Strategies in the Mobile Industry

Cooperative Strategies in the Mobile Industry

Author: Trudy Webb


Review this case study on situation analysis: LSBF Global MBA - Case Study: Marketing Situation Analysis located here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yLudv5v3TM
Note the comments on the mobile phone market and the shift away from the traditional vertical industry.  Using the material from the text discuss the cooperative strategies that are present in this industry.   Why types of alliances would you suggest for players in this market?
For each forum assignment, you are responsible for the following:
Submit a well researched and documented reply to the topic question (at least 250 words) - posting it inside the forum for feedback and comments by your classmates. You do not need a title page. Please do not use attachments in the discussions. This should be posted no later than Wednesday.
Respond to at least two of your classmate's forum posts in the subthread section of the Forum. Replies to classmates must be substantive, at least 100 words and incorporate concepts and materials that you have learned this week.
Your responses to your classmates(s) constitute a portion of your Forum grade, so be sure that they are meaningful responses that contribute to the overall quality of the weekly forum.Please submit your initial posts by Wednesday to allow your classmates time to respond. Points (10%) will be deducted for late entry. These written assignments are worth a significant portion of your final grade. Failure to complete all course assignments will diminish your final grade

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