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Coordinates - Part 2 [Identifying Latitude and Longitude on a Map]

Coordinates - Part 2 [Identifying Latitude and Longitude on a Map]

Author: Anne Trethewey

To correctly identify and record coordinates of latitude and longitude.

Using the video and game links provided, students will explore how to identify locations on a map using latitude and longitude, whilst also being made that there is only one correct way to record latitude and longitude coordinates.

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Locating Latitude and Longitude on a Map

Now that you have refreshed your memory, you should have good understanding of what Latitude and Longitude lines are and how they combine to form a grid over the Earth surface that can be used to locate specific places.

By watching the attached video and playing the game via the web link below, by the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

  1. Use lines of Latitude and Longitude to find a place on a map.

  2. Record the the combined coordinates of Latitude and Longitude correctly.

Video Resource

In the video that is to follow, the presenter makes reference to a worksheet.  I have attached a link to a PDF file online that is similar to the map to which he is referring should you find this useful.

Finding Coordinates

Source: By Mr Cameron WNS -

Practice your skills!

Now that you have seen it done, use the web link below to play the 'Latitude and Longitude Map Match Game' to help you hone your skills before undertaking your first assignment.

Need some extra practice?

Still not 100% sure?  Use the link below to print out a game board that you can play with a friend until you get the hand of finding coordinates on a map.