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Coordinates - Part 3 [Latitude and Longitude Assessment]

Coordinates - Part 3 [Latitude and Longitude Assessment]

Author: Anne Trethewey

To assess students ability to locate a country on a map using latitude and longitude coordinates.

Students will use the Political Map of the World provided to answer each of the questions contained within a Google Form which is embedded within the tutorial.  When students click on the map it will open in its own window, enabling students to move easily between map and the test.

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Ready to take the test?

Now that you know about how to locate latitude and longitude on a map and record their coordinates correctly, it is time to put your skills to the test.

Coordinates Assessment

Within this test you will be given the coordinates for a number of different countries around the world. Using the Political Map of the World provided below, identify the country that can be found at each of the coordinates.
Take care when making your selection! Once you have submitted an answer you will not be able to change it.
Good luck!

Source: Miss Trethewey

Political Map of the World

To access the map, simply check on the image below.  The map will open in its own window.  To enlarge the map move the cursor onto the map and click.

To assist you in navigating easily between the map and your test, it is recommended that you resize the two windows so that they are both visible to you during the test.  If you are unsure how to do this, click on the link below or ask your teacher for assistance.


Internet Explorer 8:

Chrome (Extension):

Map Link