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COPPA Compliant Student Sign In

COPPA Compliant Student Sign In

Author: Stephen Hudson

Students under the age of 13 must have their parents' permission to enter their personal information online.  This process will be compliant without having to wait for parent permission, since you are not entering their full name nor using their personal email account.

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Instead of 1st Name, have students put their Period #

Last Name

(The nice part about this setup is that now your students will all be organized by period, by last name.)

Click "Don't have an email address"

Select Teacher / Parent Sophia Account

Have them type in your Name (First Name, Last Name) and it should come up before they finish your whole name.

We ask our students to put in their school User Name and Password, to avoid them forgetting their Sophia information.  Tell them you NEVER log into their account, which is true!