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Cordless Drill And Its Battery

Cordless Drill And Its Battery

Author: Steven Shelby

The cordless drill is increasingly popular because of its compact design, easy to move. An essential element of the battery drill is the PIN - the primary source of energy for the machine to operate. To preserve the battery of the battery drill, users should refer to the notes below.

Charge and discharge the battery to preserve it

To preserve the battery life of the cordless drill, you need to pay attention to the battery contacts.

For dirty battery contacts, you should clean it with a cloth and alcohol. This action will help you maintain a good connection between your battery and your cordless drill. It will remove any corrosion that has occurred on the battery terminals.

If you can not use this drill often, keep in mind that when you use it, you will have to charge the battery the way you charge the new battery next time. In the case of the best cordless drill brands, long-time-no-use batteries will be exhausted and need to be recharged 8 hours to recover.

Store the battery of the cordless drill

If your drill is not frequently used, the first thing you need to remember and keep in mind is to properly store your battery and the drill.

You should keep it in a cool, dry place and avoid placing near heat or metal objects. With NiCad, NiMH, and lithium ion batteries, they will automatically discharge gradually during their inactivity.

For lead-acid batteries, you need a trickle charger to store it. Do not store lead-acid batteries for three months if you do not have the charger. This is due to the reason that sealed lead-acid batteries must be kept fully charged even when not in use.

Some top cordless drills on the market

Cordless impact drill Stanley SCH20C2 - Reference price VND 125 USD

Stanley SCH20C2 is the best lithium-ion drill having a screwdriver function with a diameter of 25mm, wood drill, 12mm screw, 7mm screw diameter. The machine has a speed adjusting lever.

The machine uses a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, no battery bottle, and users easily store batteries. When there is no load, the speed is 350 - 1,500 rpm.

Makita HP457DWE cordless hammer drill - Reference price 125 USD

Makita HP457DWE comes with a screwdriver. It is also equipped with a hammer drill function, making it more powerful. A 13mm-diameter drill is suitable for drilling on hard or metal materials. With no load, the speed of the machine can come up to about 1400 rpm, helping you get the job done quickly.

In addition to a pre-installed battery, this best cordless power drill to buy is also equipped with a spare battery and a charger for you to easily replace and charge at any time.

Cordless impact driver Bosch GSB 120-LI - Reference price 100 USD

The Bosch GSB 120-LI is capable of drilling on various materials. It can drill 19mm-thick wood, 6mm-thick steel. With 7mm screw diameter, 8mm masonry, Its design is without a doubt suitable for professional uses.

On the body, there is an LED light that helps users work in areas without light, operating high-speed drills, and screw perfectly.

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These notes are essential for drill buyers and users. The best drill to buy is not enough. Your device can show its best performance only when you know how to keep its heart “healthy”. In this case, the battery is the heart.

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