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Core 1  - Tutorial 1 - Perceptions of Health

Core 1 - Tutorial 1 - Perceptions of Health

Author: James Muir

Preliminary PDHPE

Core 1 - Better Health For Individuals

This tutorial covers the syllabus dot point - Perceptions of Health.

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Core 1 -Tutorial 1 - Perceptions of Health

Use this tutorial as a chance to revise the syllabus dot point - perceptions of health.

There is a basic slideshow with the key points; however, there is also the option to watch the slideshow with the directors commentary which is recommended. (which means you can pause and rewind and re listen to get a full understanding).

You should also have up to date notes on this syllabus dotpoint as class time will be used for answering questions.


After going through this basic tutorial (remember it's my first attempt) it is a hope that you will come to class with your own questions about this area that will drive you to want to learn more. e.g. 'how much does and individuals perception of health actually shape their future health status??'

Plus it means we've got the revision out of the way and can get on with the real task of answering an exam style question.

So think about this......'to what degree is our perception of health socially constructed?'

Perceptions of Health - Audio Notes

Perceptions of Health

This slide show runs through the basics of the Core 1 syallabus dot point - Perceptions of Health