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Core 1  -Tutorial 2 - Health Behaviours of young people

Core 1 -Tutorial 2 - Health Behaviours of young people

Author: James Muir

To understand trends in health behaviours of young people in Australia. And identify the risk and protective factors that lead to increase or decreases in these health behaviours.

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In this tutorial we will be examining the syllabus dot point:-

Health Behaviours of Young People.

We will look at what is positive and areas of concern for young peoples health, along with some important trends. Remember when answering exam questions you need to talk in terms of trends where possible. That is you just need to say whether there has been an increase or decrease in the trend or if it has remained stable. (Large changes can be termed as significant).

We will also identify the protective and risk factors for these health areas that are of concern, and what happens when more than one risk / protective factor interact.

Throughout this tutorial you need to keep in mind that common exam questions for this syllabus dot point are:

  • Discuss the positive health status of young people
  • Demonstrate how a combination of risk factors is likely to influence a young person's health
  • Young people are always¬†healthy - discuss this statement on the¬†perception of health of young people

Make sure you look through all the information available and listen to the audio notes. But keep in mind the main health areas the curriculum places emphasis on in regards to young people are:-

Food Habits, Physical Activity, Drug Use, Mental Health, and Road Safety.

Audio Notes

This audio talks about protective and risk factors of health areas that are of concern for young people.
However, I did not get time to talk about how when more than one risk factor is involved it can increase the likelihood of negative health
e.g. a risk factor of illicit substance use is peer influence. If the individual is influenced by their peers and also their is lack of education and parental supervision is not good then this might increase the likelihood of illicit drug use further.
The same can be said for protective behaviours that influence positive health behaviours and outcomes.

Health of Young People

Audio notes powerpoint

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