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Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes


Teachers will understand what Cornell Notes format is and why it is useful.

Cornell Notes: A note-taking format developed by Cornell University over 50 years ago.  Proven to increase critical thinking and recall.

Set up in 3 'zones'...

Cue, Notes and Summary.

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Cornell Notes: What?

What are Cornell Notes?

A simple way to get students to take notes interactively.
A simple way to get students to review notes systematically.
A simple way for students to practice higher level thinking skills.
A simple way for students to think actively as they learn.

When can I use them?

Anytime you would normally have students take notes is a good time for Cornell Notes.
Use them for Powerpoints/Flipcharts/Tradition Lecture presentations.
Use them for FLIPPED CLASSROOM 'Homework/Proof'.

Cornell Note-Taking Example

Watch someone take Cornell Notes!

Cornell Notes Example-PDF

Create your own personalized cornell notes sheet here: