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Coronavirus Virtual Screening

Coronavirus Virtual Screening

Author: Dynah Perry

Coronavirus Virtual Screening

There are currently no approved antiviral drugs for treating coronavirus infections. In the face of an acute outbreak, we hope to adopt a more efficient approach to develop antiviral drugs. There are two main methods for drug screening, including high-throughput screening (HTS) and virtual screening. The HTS method realizes automatic operation and sensitive detection, but the positive rate is low (less than 1/10000), thus the cost is relatively high. However, the positive rate of high-throughput virtual screening is generally around 5%-20%. And the results of virtual screening can be combined with experimental screening to complement each other. Thus, virtual screening has become a classic and efficient method for lead compound discovery. Creative Biostructure can perform large-scale high-throughput virtual screening against multiple public/commercial chemical databases and our established databases of commonly used antiviral drugs, winning valuable time for your project on the development of antiviral drugs specific for coronaviruses.

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