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Correct punctuation with quotes

Correct punctuation with quotes

Author: Kathy Hanley

    Explain punctuation rules and choices when introducing quotes. 


    Explain punctuation rules and choices when quoting direct speech. 


    Explain punctuation rules and choices when formatting short and long quotes. 


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to use correct punctuation and who is confused about how to use correct punctuation with quotes. 

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Punctuation with Quotation Marks

This packet will help the learner to correctly puncutate direct quotations.  It will also offer instruction in introducing quotations and the rules for format of short and long quotes.

Source: Created by me

5 Rules for Punctuating Quotations

This slide show will give you the basic information you need to punctuate direct quotations.

Introducing Quotes

Introducing quotes in dialogue

When using dialogue in your writing, you need to introduce the quotation in ways that identify the speaker and characterize the way the dialogue is spoken. This is called the tag. It is best to find a variety of descriptive words to use in the tag in place of said.

Mary said, "There is a vampire biting my neck."

A reader's reaction would probably be, so what?

Mary screamed in blood curdling terror, "There is a vampire biting my neck." 

The reader might have an emotional reaction. 

Words to use in place of said:  yelled, hollered, whispered, pleaded, called, shouted, begged, implored, sighed, cried.

Add some adjectives and adverbs to the tag to increase the meaning of the quotation. 


Introducing Quotes from an outside source


When writing papers that include quoting from sources, experts, data bases, you need to introduce the quotation with reference to the source.

You can do that by naming the writer or the expert.  You may also refernce the source of the quote.


John Smith,  Professor of Law at Harvard University, claims, "Quote."

The article, "The Truth about Quotation Marks," states, " Quote."

In her book, "Life and Death of Punctuation," Linda Jones writes, "Quote."

All of these examples would need citation of the source of the quote.

Source: Created by me

Formatting short and long quotes

This document contains examples and illustrations of how to format quotes of different types and and sizes.