Author: Christine Farr


COUN 515SPSS EXERCISE 2 INSTRUCTIONSDirections Conducting an Independent Samples T-TestT-Test for Independent GroupsSubmit work in a Microsoft Word document with screenshots of SPSS output on Blackboard inthe designated location.STEP 1: Label Variables. Go to “Variable View” in SPSS and input the following data intoSPSS after identifying the variable names. Remember to specify the measure of the variablebased on your working knowledge of scales of measurement. Below are step-by-step instructionsalong with the data set.First, input this data into SPSS (this has been modified from an actual data set). Provide a namefor each variable that corresponds to the name here. For example, for Skilled Counselor Scale(SCS) Total Score, name the variable in SPSS scs_total. This represents the counseling student’stotal score on the SCS, which measures 18 different counseling skills. Each skill is rated on aLikert scale from 1–5. Trained raters review video-recorded counseling sessions and ratecounselors on these 18 skills. In order to give you an idea of the types of items on the SCS, hereis a sample item from the first sub-section, “Attending Process,” which involves nonverbal andverbal attending skills (Smaby & Maddux, 2010):1. Maintaining Eye Contact—Gazing directly at the client with occasional breaks.12345(For more information on the SCS, see Smaby & Maddux, 2010).STEP 2: Input the data below in the “Data View.” After inputting the data for the SCS, inputthe data for the group variable and identify persons in the control group as 1 and treatment groupas 2 (Note: this is nominal data). Name this variable “group.” Remember to specify the valuesfor groups under “Variable View.”Now, conduct an independent samples t-test using the data above that you have entered andcoded in SPSS. Review the SPSS manual in your assigned text. Attach the output/resultsgenerated by SPSS and the Microsoft Word document answering the following questions. Also,see the tutorial provided here: http://www.screencast.com/t/y2a7rhcc.1. What process did you use to arrive at the results (for example >analyze>…)?2. Interpret the results using current APA format.scs_tota 

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