Count to 10.

Count to 10.

Author: S Miller

The child rote counts to 10.

The child uses one to one knowledge to count. 

The child counts objects to 10.

Through songs and video, the child will rote count to 10.  A ten's frame chart will be introduced. The child will count 10 objects on a ten's frame chart and count 10 fingers.  The assessment records the child's ability to rote count and count objects one to one. The child understands objects can be counted. 

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Central Park: Salamander's counting song

Salamander popping bubbles

Source: Youtube

Ten little numbers

Counting to ten song

Source: Youtube

Introducing a ten frame

Make and recognize sets of chips up to ten.

Source: Youtube

Tens frame

You need 20 pennies. You need to display the tens charts on your iOS devise. You can also print the picture or draw a tens chart on a piece of paper.

Parent models counting and creating sets of pennies on a ten's frame.

Child makes a matching set on a ten's frame.


Count the fingers.

Count the fingers on the picture.

How many fingers do you have?

How many fingers do you have?

Finger counting song

Source: Youtube: MapleLeafHashima

You did it!

You did it!  You counted to 10!  Parents please help your child submit the quiz answers at the top.