Counting Eighth Notes - Lesson 1

Counting Eighth Notes - Lesson 1

Author: Daniel Simpson

Idenitfy the correct rhythm annotation for eighth note pairs in measure of 2/4 and 4/4.


Counting eighth notes
- what we know about it already
  • quarter note with a flag
  • .5 a beat
  • pair w/ a beam
  • beam makes them both eighth notes
- so a pair = 1 beat
- 1 quarter = 2 eighths
   • thinking musicians look for identifying characteristics
- 1 quarter = 2 eighths no matter if it's a flag or beam
  • think like a musician
- new example in 2/4
  • think like a musician
- new example n 2/4
  • think like a musician
  • the second 1/8th note occurs in the middle of beat one and two
- writing two eighth notes with flags is the same as writing two eighth    
  • notes together with a beam
  • just think like a musician and you'll be fine
  • the middle of the beat is annotated with a plus sign and is called the "and" of the beat
- beginning of beats note on left w/beam
  • label with the beat number
- middle of beats note on the right w/beam
  • label with a '+'
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Source: Daniel Simpson using SketchBookPro6 and Camtasia 2 For Mac

Lesson 1 without Narration

The same as the other video, but without Mr. Simpson's whiny voice.