County of Hawaii

County of Hawaii

Author: willi padro


County of Hawaii
Bond Redemption and Interest Debt Service Fund
Trial Balance
July 1, 20X5
                                                           Debit                     Credit
Cash and Cash Equivalents            $15,374,722
Accrued Interest Payable                                             $332,964
Fund Balance                                                                15,041,758
     Total                                           $15,374,722           $15,374,722
The County had the following transactions in its Bond Redemption DSF from July 1, 20X5, through June 30, 20X6:
1. Paid accrued interest when due, July 18, 20X5
2. Received transfers of unassigned resources from the General Fund totaling $105,396,619.
3. Paid principal ($12,878,605)and interest ($9,776,065) on the bonds.
4. Purchased $7,300,000 of investments
5. An interest payment of $320,521 is due and payable on July 18, 20X6.
a. Prepare the General Ledger journal entries required to record the preceding transactions and information for the Bond Redemption and Interest DSF of the County of Hawaii for the fiscal year ended June 30, 20X6.
b. Prepare the required financial statements for this DSF for the 20X5-20X6 fiscal year.

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