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Courageous/Difficult Conversation

Courageous/Difficult Conversation

Author: Craig Coletta

At the end of this tutorial, the learner will understand how to use courageous conversation to reduce/resolve personal conflicts and strengthen relationships

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Notes on "Courageous/Difficult Conversation"


(00:00-00:37) Introduction

(00:38-03:33) Definition: Courageous Conversation

(03:34-04:40) When to Apply Courageous Conversation?

(04:41-05:12) Suspending Judgment

(05:13-06:33) Courageous Conversation: Example

(06:34-07:29) Setting Groundrules

(07:30-09:18) Techniques and Attitudes In Courageous Conversation

(09:19-09:58) Possible Outcomes of Courageous Conversation

Terms to Know
  • Courageous Conversation

    A conflict resolution process intended to help build mutual understanding between parties with different perspectives or beliefs about highly contentious issues.

  • Provocative Event

    A statement or action drawing into focus people's differences of belief on highly contentious issues, usually eliciting a strong emotional response.

  • Suspending Judgment

    Refraining from evaluating an idea, situation or person.