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Course 2, Lesson 18, Polygons/Similar and Congruent

Course 2, Lesson 18, Polygons/Similar and Congruent

Author: Hector Soto

1. Use appropriate tools strategically. 2. Understand that integers can be divided, provided that the divisor is not zero, and every quotient of integers (with non-zero divisor) is a rational number. If p and q are integers, then -(p/q) = (-p)/q = p/(-q). Interpret quotients of rational numbers by describing real-world contexts. 3. Apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide rational numbers. 4. Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving the four operations with rational numbers. 5. Solve real-life and mathematical problems involving angle measure, area, surface area, and volume. 6. Draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.

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Polygons/Similar and Congruent

Source: Deb Borgelt