Course 3, Lesson 27, Laws of Exponents

Course 3, Lesson 27, Laws of Exponents

Author: Hector Soto

1. Model with mathematics. 2. Know and apply the properties of integer exponents to generate equivalent numerical expressions. 3. Lines are taken to lines, and line segments to line segments of the same length. 4. Angles are taken to angles of the same measure. 5. Understand that a two-dimensional figure is similar to another if the second can be obtained from the first by a sequence of rotations, reflections, translations, and dilations; given two similar two-dimensional figures, describe a sequence that exhibits the similarity between them. 6. Use informal arguments to establish facts about the angle sum and exterior angle of triangles, about the angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal, and the angle-angle criterion for similarity of triangles.

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Laws of Exponents

Source: J.D. Williams