Course Information Worksheet

Course Information Worksheet

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Course Information Worksheet
Prior to completing this worksheet, review the Week 1 lecture and reading assignments (Chapters 1-4 of your course text). Provide a complete answer to each question.  Each question is worth 5 points. Please cite the source of each answer below the answer as in the example provided below.
Question: Modes of indirect common vehicle disease transmission include single exposure, multiple exposures, and continuous exposure.
Gordis, L. (2014). Epidemiology (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier. Chapter 2, p. 20.
1.     Define Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary prevention.
Primary prevention is the prevention of the development of disease. Secondary prevention is detecting disease early to help reduce complications while, tertiary prevention is the reduction of the impact of the disease (Gordis, 2014).
2.     True or False:  Prevention and treatment of a single specific disease are exclusive activities that do not occur together when providing care to a patient.
3.     The ________________ Concept is important because in counting incidence and prevalence of disease it is not sufficient to count only clinically apparent cases, but those who are asymptomatic or exposed without infection.
4.     Please define the following:
Clinical Disease –
Preclinical Disease -
Subclinical Disease –
Persistent (Chronic) Disease –
Latent Disease -
Match the following terms with their definition: (Gordis, 2014) Chapter 2
___D_ Pandemic                                A. Habitual presence of a disease within a geographic area.
__A__ Endemic                                           B.  Occurrence of a disease in a community/geographic area in
                                                          excess of normal expectancy.
___E_ Common-Vehicle Exposure    C. Resistance of a group of people to a disease because a large
                                                          portion of the population is immune.
__B__ Epidemic                               D.  An excessive occurrence of disease present globally.
__C__ Herd Immunity                         E.  When a group of people are exposed to a substance or organism that causes common illness.
6.     What is the one medical advance that is associated with the Black Death in Europe in the late 1300’s?
7.     This is a two part question:
A.    Define, through a fractional representation, what attack rate is.
B.    After a large wedding reception several people develop symptoms of acute gastroenteritis.  It appeared to be tied to eating a specific seafood salad sered.  Using the following 2 by 2 table, numerically represent the attack rate for wedding attendies who ate the seafood salad

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