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Covering the Great Gatsby

Covering the Great Gatsby

Author: Carl B
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Judge a Book By Its Cover

Complete a book cover for The Great Gatsby that best represents the action of the book.  Utilize as much creativity and symbolism as possible.  Think of the examples I showed in class, and create a cover of your own.


25/25: This project shows some thought and creativity were put into the work.  Some color and/or creative design helped to make an image that captured themes or events in the book in a most enlightened way.

20/20: This project showed a little insight into the events of the book.  Some effort was made to make the project look inspired.

15/20: This project used rudimentary work.  A project receiving this grade was rushed and then submitted in basic condition.

10/20: No effort was made to make a creative or insightful work.

0/20: No work submitted.