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Create Collage Photo in PowerPoint

Create Collage Photo in PowerPoint

Author: Karen L. Camp

Learn how to insert 2 pictures into PowerPoint, resize, crop, save, then export as a single slide as a JPG to use the newly formed collage into other applications.

This lesson is designed for members of the yearbook crew at an Elementary School using MS Powerpoint 2010.  FERPA requirements state that single students can not be featured in our yearbook.  Therefore, we must often take 2 single student JPGs & combine them into a sort of collage as a single JPG file.  In this video, students will learn how to insert JPGs into a slide and resize them to fill the screen.  Then they will crop one of the images so that both students are on the same slide.  Next, they save the file as a PowerPoint file, then export the single slide as a JPG so that it can be used in other applications, such as MovieMaker, to create our annual video yearbook.

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Create a Collage, Crop, & Export as JPG Files in PowerPoint

Following FERPA requirements that don't allow photos of single students to be used, yearbook crew members will learn how to combine 2 single person photos into a combined photo for the video yearbook. Members will also learn how to crop images, save, and export slides as a JPG.

Source: Created by Karen Camplen via Screencast-o-matic