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Create Science Tools and sign-ups-Braingenie

Create Science Tools and sign-ups-Braingenie

Author: Michael Steger

The goal of this tutorial is to have each student create their Braingenie account for science.  Students should use their given usernames and passwords from their school Google account.   If you choose to watch the sign-up narration of the presentation below, please PAUSE the video so you can follow the directions.

Braingenie is being used to lay a basic life science foundation.  Students will be given a timeline in the Create STUDENT Google Calendar with the number of skills to be completed each week.

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Follow the information given in the presentation to set-up your Braingenie account for science.  There are 13 slides in the presentation.  Below the presentation are links you'll need to access Braingenie and the Create student calendar.  Below those links is a narrated presentation that talks you through the sign up process.  If you choose to listen to the narration ear buds or ear phone might be a good idea if you have them.

IMPORTANT-When you're done complete the quiz to the right.  There are four questions that will be easy if you followed the presentation.  


Create Science Tools and sign-ups-Braingenie

Presentation for students

Sign up and Create student calendar links

Create Science Braingenie sign-up links

Use these links to access the Create student calendar and the Braingenie sign-up page.
Create Student Calendar 2014-2015

Braingenie student sign-up


Talk through of presentation

This is the same presentation as above, but with narration. As the slides progress you'll be instructed in what to do to sign-up for Braingenie. PAUSE the video if you feel like you're getting behind. I'm not sure, but I think another tab will open at the top of the page for your Braingenie account setup.

The narration is just over 7 minutes long. (My microphone was a little sketchy. Sorry about the scratching sounds.)