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Create Your Own Digital Story

Create Your Own Digital Story

Author: Emma Ryan

For this tutorial, 3rd grade students will write and illustrate their own stories using the app bookPress. BookPress allows students to write any type of book they want. For this lesson, students will write and create their own fiction ebook. Their book must include at least 5 illustrations and must include all of the parts of the story. This includes a beginning, middle, and an ending. Once they have written and illustrated their story, it will become available on our own digital class library. Students will then present their story to the class on the projector.

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For this lesson, students will have the opportunity to write and illustrate their own fiction story. Firstly, students will complete their rough draft over a 4 day period. Once the drafts are completed and corrected, students will start using the app bookPress to complete the final drafts of their stories. Using this particular app, students can choose their own story templates, edit their writing and their illustrations at school and at home, and they can choose to order their books, in both hard covers and paperbacks upon completion. Once every student has completed their stories, the stories will be published onto a class ebook library so everybody can share their work. Students will present their final work on the class.