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Creating a Book Trailer

Creating a Book Trailer

Author: Linda LeConey

SWBAT identify risks and strategies used in book trailers.

SWBAT to compare and contrast risks and strategies used in persuasive writing with risks and strategies used in film.

SWBAT to synthesize ideas and strategies to create their own book trailer using an iPad.

This flipped learning presentation will allow students to preview book trailers to get ideas and strategies for creating their own book trailers.  By viewing the sample videos at home, the teacher will be able to start class with a discussion of effective book trailer strategies and then go directly into teaching the technology - using video and/or iMovie to create the book trailer.


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What we are learning today:

We will be learning about book trailers by viewing sample trailers created by other students.  As you view the videos, think about what strategies the students used to create their book trailers. In school, you will be creating your own video book trailers on the iPad.

Your mission:

  • View the "How to Steal a Dog Video" and at least 3 other book trailer videos of your choice.
  • You can choose from the book trailer videos I have provided
  • Choose from additional book trailers on the website link provided at the end of the videos.  (Scroll down the page for the link
  • Be ready to brainstorm ideas for your own trailer with your book groups tomorrow.  

How to Steal a Dog Book Trailer

This book trailer is required viewing, The 3 other videos are your choice!

This book trailer is different from the other trailers because the students created a short film instead of just a narrated book trailer with just pictures. This is similar to what we will be doing. You will all be actors or narrators in your own book trailer that we will be creating with the iPads.

The Lightning Thief Book Trailer

The Great Gilly Hopkins

Hoot Book Trailer

A link for more book trailers

If you would like to choose different book trailer videos than the samples I've provided, please click on the following link.  You will see pictures of many different books.  Click on the book you like to see the book trailer for that book.


Book Trailers

Please answer the following questions about the purpose of book trailers and some of the strategies used in book trailers that you think will work well for your own book trailer.