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2 Tutorials that teach Creating a Flipped Learning Lesson: Part 1
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Creating a Flipped Learning Lesson: Part 1

Creating a Flipped Learning Lesson: Part 1

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, learners will consider ways to create a flipped lesson: What "new" homework looks like.

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Flipping Your Classroom

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Notes on “Creating a Flipped Learning Classroom: Part 1”


(00:00-00:12) Introduction

(00:13-04:36) Homework

(04:37-05:27) Examples

(05:28-05:47) Reflection

(05:48-06:11) Conclusion

TED-ED: Creating a Flipped Lesson

In this blog post, Caitlin Tucker explains how to flip lessons using TED-Ed videos in a practical and easy to follow format. She provides five easy steps to flipping lessons using videos, including teacher reflection based upon student data and feedback.

Quick start guide to flipping your classroom using screencasting or lecture videos

This blog post by Julie Schell takes a peer mentoring approach to provide teachers with practical and simple steps to begin flipping their classrooms. Schell includes a downloadable PDF of the steps for your quick reference as you are planning your flipped lessons.