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Creating a Google Form with Page Navigation

Creating a Google Form with Page Navigation

Author: Deanna Collins
  • Create a Google Form with page navigation.
  • Share the finished form with others.
  • Locate form responses in my Google Drive.

Learn how to create a Google Form that takes the respondent to the next question based on the answer chosen. Then learn how to share it with others and collect the data from the responses.

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Sample Google Form with Page Navigation

To begin the tutorial, view the sample Google Form below by clicking through the responses of your choice. Notice that you are directed to different questions that depend on how you answer.


It is a good idea to sketch out a plan before you create your Google Form with Page Navigation.  Having a plan in front of you makes the creating part much easier.  You can create your own plan, or you can use one like the blank one below.


Here is the planning stage of the Build Your Own Burrito form above.

Planning Sheet: Google Form with Page Navigation


Creating a Google Form with Page Navigation

Once you have sketched out your plan and you know how many pages you will need for the form, you can start creating. Watch the following video on how to create your form to make it navigate to different pages depending on the response.

Accessing the Google Form Link to Share

Once your form is created and it is ready to receive responses, you will have to share the form's link with respondents. To do so, follow the simple instructions in this handout.


Locating Form Responses

1.  After you follow the instructions in the previous step to share the form, a window will pop up that allows you to choose the destination for the responses that will be submitted.  It will automatically name the spreadsheet with the same name as the form, but you can rename it if you would like.  Click create.


2.  To view the spreadsheet with the form data, go to your Google Drive and you will see it in your list of documents next to the form.

3.  Open the spreadsheet.  You can view responses there and sort or manipulate the data however you would like to.  If you want to set it so that no more responses can be submitted, you can click the button just below the toolbar that says 'Accepting Responses'.  Once you click it, it will say 'Not Accepting Responses'.