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Creating a LiveBinder

Creating a LiveBinder

Author: Paula Dillon

To teach the basic steps in creating, saving, and sharing a LiveBinder.

In this tutorial, you will learn

1.  How to create a LiveBinder

2.  How to use LiveBinderIt to fill your binder

3.  How to Share and Save your LiveBinder

4.  How to use the following tools: insert videos, images, and documents

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Why Use LiveBinders?

     Three years ago I was an administrator in a school district with a very outdated website.  I began to explore options for gathering resources for staff, students, and parents that was easy to use and possible to post on an antiquated site. proved to be a solution that was widely accepted and easily accessed by all target audiences.  Each LiveBinders could house organized access to relevant websites and education resources, related videos, documents, presentations, and embedded Google Docs.  

     I began to notice that teachers were not only accessing the LiveBinders that I created and posted, but were beginning to create their own for their student and parents.  Teams began to utilize the binders to collaborate on thematic units and projects with shared resources.  Secondary teachers began using LiveBinders for electronic portfolios.  LiveBinder eventually became a verb in that district, with teachers and parents alike asking, "Did you LiveBinder it?"  

     Today, even with access to a more user-friendly web site, LiveBinders continues to be a go to tool.  It is easy to use, accessible anywhere with Internet access, and understood by all stakeholders.  As a result of the ability to create binders that are public or private, LiveBinders provides a useful solution to any project that requires the collection and organization of sites with documents, pictures, videos in one place.  The ability to view and share public binders is an added bonus that can certainly save time when culling resources for topics others may have already researched.  For teachers who are familar with the tradition three-ring binder, LiveBinders is an easy upgrade to the 21st Centruy.

Paula Dillon


Source: Paula Dillon

Creating a LiveBinder

This video tutorial will guide you through the basics of creating a LiveBinder.

Source: Paula Dillon

Training LiveBinder

Source: Created by Paula Dillon using

LiveBinder Cheat Sheet

Step-by-Step written instructions on creating a LiveBinder.


Source: Paula Dillon