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Creating a Superhero Using PowToon

Creating a Superhero Using PowToon

Author: Janice Davis

Follow these directions carefully, and you too will be able to create your own superhero PowToon. 

What's the best superhero power ever?  Can it actually be used in the real world in some realistic way?  How will you advertise this power to convince others that yours is the very best power to have?  After watching this video, you will embark upon your own creative genius project!

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Superhero Argument Writing Contest

Would you like to create an advertisement about your amazing superhero?  Would you like to convince others that your power choice is the very best to have?  If so, watch these two videos to learn more on what you will need to do for this contest.  We will begin the work on these videos very soon!  In order to participate in the contest, you MUST watch these videos.  You will not have enough knowledge to finish the project on time if you do not take time now to learn more.  Good luck!

Creating a Superhero Using PowToon

You must watch BOTH of these videos is you wish to participate in this project and competition. (It is also graded, so it's not really optional either way.)

Creating a Superhero - Part 2

This video will show you the steps to using PowToon to create your very own Superhero Advertisement! It is the video you create that will be entered in the contest!! Watch carefully. Take notes if you like.

Super Teacher Video

Check out Mrs. Davis' superhero video here!