Creating an art exhibition: Art Curation and Marketing

Creating an art exhibition: Art Curation and Marketing

Author: Lauren Smith

For students to research, analyze, and compile artworks from a specific art period in order to better understand the time and importance of the assigned art period.  Students will then create an advertisement and promotional flyer for their exhibition.The lesson will introduce a wide range of art history and give students the experience of real life art careers: art curator and marketing/ graphic designer.

Students will take the role of an art museum curator and design an art exhibition to highlight a specific art movement/period. Groups of 4 students will be given an art period to create a cohesive online exhibition. Students will gain knowledge of the artists, artworks, and history through researching the assigned art period/movement and constructing an online gallery of their chosen artworks for the exhibition. Groups will design a marketing plan with a promotional flyer for their exhibition. Students will then present their marketing plan and exhibition to the class giving an overview of historical facts and the chosen artworks.

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Activity 1: Curate an Art Exhibit showcasing your assigned art period:Impressionism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Fauvism

Using the following websites as reference research your assigned art period and choose artworks to display in your exhibit.

Websites to compile digital images and research (always reference your source):

Google Art Project: http://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/project/art-project?hl=en

Smart History: http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/

Any accredited art museum in the world’s website: National Gallery, Smithsonian, MoMA, Toledo Museum of Art, Etc.

Curator’s Typical Day

Activity 2: Create the exhibition on Weebly.com

Time to put your chosen artworks into your online exhibit.

1. Name your Art Exhibition and write a short explanation of the exhibition

2. Create a free Weebly.com account: http://www.weebly.com/

3. Include a gallery page of at least 6 works of art

4. Include your explanation of your exhibition on the home page.

5. Publish your Website

Activity 3: Advertise your Art Exhibition

Step 1:

Watch the following advertisements and answer the following questions for 3 of the advertisements.


2. Art Deco

3. Pop Art TMA

4. TMA Small Worlds

5. Nasher Museum of Art Exhibition

6. Walters Museum

Reflection Questions:

1. How long is the advertisement?

2. What information does the advertisement supply?

3. Is the advertisement engaging? Does it make you want to visit the exhibition?

                 a.  If the advertisement is effective, why? What specifically grabs the viewer's attention?

                 b.  If the advertisement is not effective, what would you suggest to improve the exhibition's advertisement.

Step 2:

After viewing and reflecting on the effectiveness of the advertisements, plan a marketing plan for your advertisement.


1. A Commercial - Live Video or animation

2. A Promotional Flyer