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Creating Classroom Expectations

Creating Classroom Expectations


Creating classroom expectations based upon the acceptable use or responsible use policy currently in place in your disctrict or school

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Classroom Device Management

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Notes on "Creating Classroom Expectations"

(00:00-00:47) Intro

(00:48-01:01) Objectives

(01:02-03:51) Rule Creation Process

(03:52-05:38) Rule Implementation Process

(05:39-06:00) Review

(06:01-07:05) Reflection


Additional Resources

Aspire Public Schools Blended Learning Handbook 

This is one district's comprehensive handbook on blended learning. Included in the handbook are instructional strategies and planning strategies for teachers. Relevant to this competency, review preparing students for blended learning on page 12.

Digital Learning Now Guide to Implement Blended Learning

This is a comprehensive guide to implementing blended learning from the planning to the implementation stages. For this competency, review the models of blended learning as well as case studies of their application beginning on page 16.

New Teacher's Survival Guide - Integrating Technology in the Classroom  

This video from the Teaching Channel explores planning and implementation including routines and structures in the classroom. On the side of the video, you will find reflective questions to ask yourself as you begin planning to implement your own structures and routines in a technology rich classroom.