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Creating Maps Using Book Creator

Creating Maps Using Book Creator

Author: Martha Lackey

Student will be able to create various kinds of maps using a mobile device. Student will be able to label parts on each map and identify and create a map key for each.

Instructor introduced map unit by reading book titled "Me On A Map". Students were led in a discussion on the various kinds of maps we see in a real life application and how maps help us locate places. Students also discussed the features of a map key and how it helps its users locate places on a map. Instructor introduced app called Book Creator and showed students the features of app using Reflector on her computer to mirror her ipad. Students created their maps in Doodle Buddy and saved their image to their camera roll. Then they imported each of their maps into Book Creator from their camera roll. Teacher gave students a 2-3 week period depending on creativity used by students to create 3 kinds of maps and write about each one. Students created their own Map Book using Book Creator. The entire lesson was on going in social studies and students also worked on their maps in their Daily 5 Rotations in Language Arts. Teacher/student created a rubric together that was used to assess final product. 

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Student Map Examples


Student Map Examples

Student used Doodle Buddy app to create a bedroom map


Student Map Examples

Student samples of bedroom maps created in Doodle Buddy to be imported into Book Creator