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Creating Presentations in Google Docs

Creating Presentations in Google Docs

Author: Jennifer Garcia

The objective of this tutorial are:

to teach students the basics of what they should and should not include in a presentation. 

how to create a presentation in Google Drive and work on it collaboratively.

how to create a bibliography for their presentation.

how to present effectively.

Google Drive is a powerful tool for collaboration and productivity in the cloud. 

When using Google Drive you can also generate a public url by publishing your work. This will allow you to link to and embed your presentation or other work in a post or website. You can set it to update whenever you make changes to the  original document, spreadsheet,form or in this case presentation. You can change these permissions at any time. 

In what situations might you want to share your work in this way?

Should you have the agreement of all collaborators first?



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An Introduction to Google Drive Presentations

These are the areas covered in this set of lessons. Please do go to the webpage and click on the links in the table of contents in the online lesson to navigate through the page. 


Creating Presentation in Google Drive

This tutorial will take students through the basic components of a good presentation, through creating a presentation collaboratively in Google Docs, including a bibliography and presenting effectively. 

I created this lesson for my 6th grades but use it with several grades. While it focuses on creating a presentation in Google Drive it also includes many other useful resources and tools. 

The entire lesson is hosted on my teaching wiki, and can be accessed here ABCICT.

An Exemplar from 6th Grade

This is an example presentation that one of our 6th grade groups produced during this project. It is useful to share exemplars with the class so that they can see what they are working toward as well as use exemplars to compare work against a rubric.