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Creating with Google®

Creating with Google®

Author: Angie Kalthoff

Summarize the best practice of using Google tools in the classroom.
Describe the teaching and learning implications when using google in the classroom.
Determine the criteria for evaluating Google tools to be integrated with classroom instruction.
Choose a classroom lesson compatible with using Google tools.
Begin creating a tutorial using as the platform for the lesson.

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Creating with Google

Video Links
This is Google Drive-

Incorporating Google into Sophia

Three examples of how you can bring Google Presentations into Sophia include:
1. Pasting the link
2. Screen recording your presentation
3. Downloading the Google Presentation as a PowerPoint then uploading

Tips for Creating in Google Docs

Two of my favorite things to do in Google docs include linking to other sites and areas in the document and using the research feature.

Teacher Tips in Google Spreadsheets

There are many ways to adjust your Google Spreadsheets to make them valuable tools in your classroom. In this video I share a few of my favorite.

Extend Your Learning (Optional)

Try using scripts in Google Spreadsheets. A few of my favorite include

  • Flubaroo 
  • AutoCrat
  • Doctapus 



Where I go for help

Before You Move On

Before you move on to the next tutorial reflect on the following:
How could you use a Google tool to promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness? (NETS for teachers 1.a)

Links for images/videos used in this tutorial