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Creating with Google

Creating with Google

Author: Brad Welch

Teachers will produce a product that will be used in their classroom, but they will also need to bring that product to the training the following week that covers sharing and collaborating. 

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Autonomy in Learning

Optional Project Options Include:  

  1. Google Docs
  2. Google Forms
  3. Google Sheets
  4. Google Slides
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Google Maps
  7. Google Sites
  8. Any other Chrome Web App
  9. You Tube
  10. Build your own idea!

Potential Ideas

-Use Slides to create a Presentation you can share with your students

-Use Docs to create a handout for an assignment that also include a rubric 

-Use any app to create a model of something that you would like your students to create

-Create a form that can be used to survey parents, or students

-Create a form that can be used as a quiz to assess a lesson

-Create a lesson plan that you can share with your grade level partners

-Create a site for your classroom within Google Sites

-Develop a lesson with Google Maps

-Start a class blog with Blogger, which is a Google App. 

-Create a class calendar 

-Use the translation feature to translate a letter and send to non-english speaking parents. 

-32 Ways to use Google Apps in the Classroom

-30 Ways to use the Chromebook in the Classroom

-Innovative Chrome Teaching Ideas from Teachers Themselves

Getting Familiar with Drive

The link below should help you familiarize yourself with Drive.

Get Inspired: Example One

This is an example of a teacher who took a class and had to create five ways to use Google Apps within her classroom.

Learn Google Apps

If you need support using a specific app please see the following link and seek out the app you need assistance with.

Don't forget you can seek my help at any time. That's why I am here!