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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Author: Nikki Hansen

To discuss the differences between academic and creative writing and to introduce/discuss different genres of creative writing.

This packet primarily focuses on the memoir and creative non-fiction. There are examples of other creative writing genres (novels, short stories, etc). There are two videos, a brief slideshow, and a text portion working together to provide the information you need to know!

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What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing(s) encompass all fiction, poetry and even non-fiction pieces that exceed the boundaries of normal professional, academic and technical forms of literature. 

Works that fall inton the creative writing genre include: novels, epics, short stories, memoirs, personal journals, poems and stage/screen writings. 

What is the difference between creative and academic writing?

Academic writings are usually confined to a standard format and a particular topic (example, an essay written in MLA format about the themes in Of Mice and Men). 

Creative writing is more free form and isn't bound by academic guidelines.  In other words, creative writing is a means of expression that does not have to adhere to academic guidelines. 

While creative writings don't adhere to a standard format, they do have a structure.  Creative works are generally far more complicated than 5 paragraph essays and consist of conflicts, characters, dialogue/dialect, character descriptions, endless adjectives and scenic descriptions, as well as following grammar rules.  

What are some examples?


Novels: Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Frankenstein, Princess Diaries, Pride and Prejudice

Short Stories: The Cask of Amontillado, The Tell-Tale Heart, Young Goodman Brown

Memoirs (creative non-fiction): Wild Swans, Under a Cruel Star, Where She Came From, The Opposite of Fate, A Child Called It

Other Creative Non-Fictions: A Million Little Pieces, Love and Consequences 

What is a Memoir?

What is a memoir, and how do you write one? Watch this video to find out!

What is Creative Non-Fiction?