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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Author: ambreen qadir
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We are nearing the end of reading Frankenstein, so it is now time that you
start working on your very own ghost story. This writing assignment will serve
as a final paper for the unit covering Frankenstein. The main purpose of this
creative writing assignment is to evaluate your skills at making allusions and
connections to other texts and experiences.
The story should be as original as possible. It may include your own personal
experiences or experiences from someone you know. It must have at least 5
allusions, which you will note (highlighting, annotations, etc.) in your final
draft. You will also write a brief paragraph on the Allusions Reference Page
explaining each allusion and stating the reason for using it in your piece. Be
sure to correlate the allusion in the text to the explanation on the reference
page--a simple superscript number or something similar will suffice

Vocabulary Issues
Since the novel was written in 1830, some of the vocabulary can be unfamiliar to students. Some of this can be overcome simply by picking the right edition of the novel.

The novel is written in a very educated style of English. It is exemplary, prescriptively speaking, for sentence structure and grammar. This may be a good thing and can definitely be a bad thing for most students, urging statements like “Who even talks like this anymore?”