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criminal justice policy paper

criminal justice policy paper

Author: davey jordan

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A policy paper is a critical analysis of an important societal issue or problem that involves the research and development of a defensible plan – a policy proposal for solving the problem by formulating workable strategies for implement a new plan.
After reading Walker’s book, Sense and Nonsense you are to write a 5 page, double spaced abbreviated policy proposal on a criminal justice issue/problem of your choosing. Your paper should follow the following structure:
Title of your Policy Paper
Statement of the Problem
What is the specific problem – define it

Provide the reader with background information about the social problem

What are the historical background issues related to this problem

Why is it an important issue that needs to be addressed

What evidence is there that suggest a change in policy is needed

What are the major causes of the problem

Current Policy
What are the current policies/programs

Why haven’t those policies/programs solved, or alleviated the problem(s)

What are the major flaws or limitations of the current policy

Policy Recommendations/Action Plan
(In this section of your paper formulate an effective policy proposal that is practical and feasible - tell us why your proposal will work)
What are your specific policy recommendations

How does your policy solve the problem, better than current policies

What research/evidence can you offer that your proposal will work

What are the most critical obstacles to implementing your proposal – i.e., financial, ethical, or political
Why might policy makers oppose or embrace your proposal

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