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Author: Marcia Cyr
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You will be doing activities to learn a bit about cryptography (pronounced crip-to-graphee). This is a very big part of computer science cyber-security studies. Your teacher will give you a packet to complete that introduces 2 different ciphers used though history.

Go through this lesson in order, complete the packet and turn in the reflection sheet, (completed on BOTH sides). This will count as a grade.

What is cryptography?

How to do a Caesar cipher

Vigenere cipher

Packet work

Complete the packet. Use the cipher wheels for the Caesar cipher problems, if you wish. Be sure to hand the last page and return the wheels!

When you are done, come back for some fun!

Almost perfect secrecy

Still not safe?? Try this!

Fun Time!!

AT this link you will find two games to test your skills. Have fun. Start with Desert Oasis. You will have to read about keyword ciphers first. You can do that on this site. Good luck!