CS 219 Unit 3 Chapter 12 Assignment

CS 219 Unit 3 Chapter 12 Assignment

Author: willi padro


Grading Information: This Program is due on Date Specified.Comments are REQUIRED; flow charts and pseudocode are NOT REQUIRED.Directions PointsThe files must be called <LastInitialFirstInitialUnit3Ch12.java>Proper coding conventions required the first letter of the class start with a capitalletter and the first letter of each additional word start with a capital letter.Only submit the .java file needed to make the program run. Do not submit the .classfile or any other file.5%Style ComponentsInclude properly formatted prologue, comments, indenting, and other style elementsas shown in Chapter 2 starting page 64 and Appendix 5 page 881-892.5%Topics covered in chapterTopics with * are covered in this assignment. Ensure you use every item listed below in yourcompleted assignment.*Integer Types and Floating Point Types*Char Type and ASCII Character Set*Type Conversions*Prefix/Postfix Modes for Increment/DecrementEmbedded AssignmentsConditional Operation Expressions (ternary)Short Circuit EvaluationEmpty StatementBreak statement within a loop*For loop header detailEnumerated types*Hexadecimal, Octal, and Binary NumbersBasic RequirementsWrite a program that gets input for a string, then output the initial character, ascii values ofthe character, and hex values of each character. Repeat until quit.LiFiUnit3Ch12.java• Get input for a string containing both numbers and letters of any length• Use a for loop with postfix notation to increment through the string, printing the80%following:o The initial digit/charactero The ASCII value of each charactero The ASCII value of each integer converted to a string§ Notice the columns for the char/int§ Hint: isdigit would work great for this.o The Hex value of each integer/character output in upper case§ Use the Integer wrapper class to convert to Hex• Output “Thank you for playing!”• Hintso The ASCII, and Hex are based on the initial value enteredSample output is provided below. Be sure to mimic it exactly.Sample output is provided below. Be sure to mimic it exactly except for the stringentered, substring length. The layout should be exact. 10%NOTE: Complete your activity and submit it by clicking “Submit Assignment”Total Percentage 100%SampleYour output will vary based on input.

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