CSEC 610 Final Exam

CSEC 610 Final Exam

Author: willi padro


CSEC 610 9081 Exam – Spring 2016
(20 points toward your final grade)
The Week 12 Exam is below these instructions.
Instructions (Please review carefully)
This exam represents 2 percent of your total class grade. Your total exam grade will range from 0 to 100 points.
1. You are to answer only 2 of the 4 questions.
2. Please be sure to clearly indicate which questions you answer and your answer to each question and sub-question should be labeled with the corresponding Question number and letters.
3. Your answers should be substantive and fact- and reference-based, use the language of a security professional and demonstrate what you have learned in the course. Include in-line citations and a reference list at the end of each question.
4. There should be at least two references for each question. These references should not include our textbooks.
5. Each answer will be graded according to the following metrics: Level of Understanding Displayed (28 points), Substantive Answer (12 points) and Degree of Preparation Reflected by References Used (8 points). Both questions together will be graded according to Writing (2 points) and APA Formatting (2 points). You will not receive additional credit by answering more than two questions.
6. Prepare your exam in *.docx Word format.
7. Do not include any quotations in your answers. Do not copy and paste from any resources.
8. Use double spacing, Times New Roman font size 11 and pages with 1” margins.
9. The exam is due no later than Sunday, May 8, 2016, 11:59:59PM, U.S. Eastern Time.
10. Before submitting your paper, submit the exam to Turnitin.com and receive an Originality Report. Please consult the Turnitin.com section in the classroom for what is expected and for the access information for our class. Plan ahead; do not wait until the last minute to use turnitin.com. Late submissions will receive an exam grade of zero.
11. Note: In your submission to Turnitin.com, do not include (A) these instructions, (B) your honor pledge, (C) the exam questions or (D) your reference lists in order to prevent receiving an inflated Similarity Index in your Originality Report.
12. After your assignment meets all of the stated criteria in the posting, attach the exam AND the Originality Report in your Assignments Folder. Note: (A)You must check the file(s) right after submission to make sure the right file(s) are submitted. No resubmission after the due date is allowed without my prior approval. Only valid submissions in the correct assignment folder can be graded.(B)By now I expect that everyone knows how to submit the Originality Report.
Good luck! :-)
Week 12 Exam (Answer Only 2 Questions)
1. The FBI and Apple had a dispute related to unlocking cell phones which are encrypted to protect users’ data and privacy and which may contain evidence in a terrorist case.
A. Thoroughly summarize the key aspects of the dispute.
B. Select and substantively argue one position (Apple or the FBI).
C. Think of a possible "middle ground" solution that would have at least pacified both parties. Thoroughly describe that situation.
2. The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is emerging as a prevalent aspect of our daily lives.
A. Describe the nature of and what constitutes the IoT.
B. Thoroughly describe the role of cybersecurity within the IoT environment.
C. Concentrate on the privacy concerns associated with the emerging technology and substantively discuss and describe how cybersecurity will address them.
3. The Affordable Care Act is in its second year. The Healthcare.gov website was set up to support the associated “healthcare exchange” by providing capabilities such as insurance information, registration and enrollment.
A. Thoroughly discuss what the security issues were surrounding the initial implementation of Healthcare.gov website.
B. Substantively describe and discuss what specific measures were taken to address the initial security issues.
C. Thoroughly discuss what additional measures you would suggest to address the continued attacks on that website?
4. Hospitals, school districts and even religious institutions have succumbed to the demands of ransomware hackers.
A. Thoroughly describe what ransomware is.
B. Discuss ways to prevent the ransomware situation.
C. Discuss practical measures to be taken by a victim when immediately learning of the attack and be include your rationale for your measures.

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