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¿Cuánto cuesta? (How much does it cost?)

¿Cuánto cuesta? (How much does it cost?)

Author: Dulce Flores

For this tutorial high schools students for Spanish I, grades 9 - 10 will compare and contrast currency and calculate prices in Spanish speaking countries. These students will be provided vocabulary terms regarding numbers, shopping and currency vocabulary.

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Cultures Stage One Learners:

1.0 Students use appropriate responses to rehearsed cultural situations.

1.1 Associate products, practices, and perspectives with the target culture.

1.2 Recognize similarities and differences in the target cultures and between students’ own cultures.

Los alumnos serán capaces de comparar y contrastar la moneda de dos países diferentes y calcular precios de estos países de habla hispana . Los estudiantes verán un video que contiene las palabras del vocabulario de la moneda.

(Students will be able to compare and contrast foreign currency from two different countries and calculate prices of these Spanish speaking countries. Students will view a video which contains vocabulary words of currency.)


¿Qué aprendiste de esta actividad? ¿Cómo te puede ayudar esta lección afuera de clase? (What did you learn from this activity? How can this lesson help you outside of school? )

Para poder contestar esta pregunta tienes responder en un párrafo corto respondiendo al boleto de salida en 3 4 oraciones y entregar en la clase para mañana. (In order to respond to the question you need to complete an exit ticket of 3-4 sentences of your responses due tomorrow before class instruction)

Spain currency exchange

Mexico currency exchange

Best Buy / Target

Términos del cambio de moneda (Vocab. Words for currency)

Este video les demuestra 6 (seis) términos que se usan cuando uno viaja a otro país donde se habla el Español. Pongan atención a estos términos y ejemplos.

(This video will show you 6 terms used when traveling to another country where Spanish is spoken. Pay attention to these terms and examples.)

El Dinero (currency)